Your personnel need to understand which techniques are the most successful in construction and claim evaluation in order to prevent negative changes in your project’s outcome. McCullough & Associates can assist your organization by supplying training in the principles of CPM scheduling, disruption analysis, and dispute resolution.


Our seminars keep you abreast of the latest industrial changes and help you establish quality principles and procedures. They can empower the people in your organization to optimize and control critical processes.  During the course of your project, our construction seminars help you and your staff learn how to maintain a competitive advantage by increasing business efficiency while minimizing costs.

We offer seminars on the following topics:

  •  CPM Scheduling 101 – The Basics
  •  Construction Delays and impact
  •  Implementing Time Impact Analysis
  •  Using Your Schedule — How To Make Your Schedule Work For You
  •  Project Documentation
  •  Construction Cost Control
  •  Contract Management


Our workshops are presented in modular format and help participants find solutions to key construction issues.

We offer practical training workshops for the following concepts:

  •  Dispute Resolution
  •  Schedule-Delay and Disruption Analysis
  •  Claims Avoidance
  •  Contracts and Claims Analysis

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