At McCullough & Associates, we are some of the most experienced scheduling professionals in the industry. We have been working with construction schedules since 1977, have been using Primavera since version 1.0. Our consultants have taught college classes, and presented CPM Scheduling at professional seminars and conventions across the country. Our consultants are proven CPM scheduling experts.

McCullough & Associates provides schedule development services for Contractors and we evaluate schedule updates for Owners and Developers.

What is CPM?

The Critical Path Method is the prevailing scheduling method in the construction industry. Through logical analysis of event relationships, durations, and resources, CPM scheduling minimizes project duration and maximizes efficiency. Additionally, CPM scheduling makes it easy to monitor project progress and determine the real impact of delays.

With our experience, McCullough & Associates can advise you on how to utilize these powerful techniques to maximum effect in your projects.

Schedule Development

McCullough & Associates’ seasoned, professional team can help you to develop the best possible baseline schedule for your project.

Using the industry-standard Critical Path Method (CPM), we will work with your key personnel to develop schedule logic that allows you to meet your specifications and maximize the efficiency of your resources.

Our expert schedulers can then use this logic to build a powerful Primavera schedule that will allow you to track your project progress and dynamically update your logic as needed.

Primavera is the leading scheduling software in the construction industry, and we have been using it for over 20 years. Our experience allows us to leverage the full power of the software to create the highest-quality schedule possible.

Schedule Evaluation/Review

A good schedule is key to fulfilling contractual obligations and avoiding costly litigation. McCullough & Associates can evaluate your existing schedule, verify its logic and identify potential delays while you can still do something to correct them.

Do not risk project delays due to less-than optimum schedule logic. Let our experienced consultants objectively evaluate your schedule and give you practical advice to minimize your project risks.

Progress Monitoring

McCullough & Associates’ team of experienced CPM Schedulers can analyze schedule updates as they are prepared using as-built data, identify inefficiencies and time impact events, and determine the exact cause of these delays.

For Owners and Developers, we provide oversight of Contractor schedule updates, identifying delays early while they can still be mitigated, avoiding claims at the end of the project.

For Contractors, we can provide another pair of eyes on your project to ensure that your schedules are being updated according to best practices and that no details are ignored. As your schedules get updated with as-built data, we will provide you with regular, easy to understand reports on project progress and significant schedule changes so that you can be assured your project is running as smoothly as possible.

Additionally, we will advise as to the best ways to minimize impact should unforeseen circumstances occur, and we will verify that all schedule modifications are honest and realistic.

We will create a detailed report of our findings and offer practical solutions to remedy these delays. Additionally, we can provide time-impact analysis for making a time-extension request. Because we are an objective third party, the conclusions of our analysis can later be used in the legal process should a dispute arise.

Delay Analysis

Project delays and resultant damages are frequent causes of construction claims. McCullough & Associates’ veteran schedulers have years of experience in forensic analysis of schedule updates and in isolating actual schedule impacts in complex multi-issue claims.

McCullough & Associates utilizes the best methods available to analyze delays and determine responsibility. Our experience allows us to perform accurate time impact analysis and evaluate concurrency of multiple issues. Our techniques are tested and recognized by the courts and boards.

Additionally, our familiarity with scheduling methodology allows us to evaluate opposing expert claims and verify their conclusions.

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