When it comes to construction management, honesty is the best policy. Ensure your project’s efficiency and success with McCullough & Associates’ experienced, objective analysis and management. Because we provide an objective, third-party viewpoint, owners can be confident that we will alert them to and address potential problems instead of trying to cover them up. From schedule revisions to documentation to cost control, we’ll ensure that the members of your project are following best practices that minimize owner risk and ensure timely completion.

Schedule Development

McCullough & Associates’ seasoned, professional team can help you to develop the best possible baseline schedule for your project.

Using the industry-standard Critical Path Method (CPM), we will work with your key personnel to develop schedule logic that allows you to meet your specifications and maximize the efficiency of your resources.

Our expert schedulers can then use this logic to build a powerful Primavera schedule that will allow you to track your project progress and dynamically update your logic as needed.

Primavera is the leading scheduling software in the construction industry, and we have been using it for over 30 years. In addition to Primavera, we have extensive experience with Microsoft Project. Our experience with these leading scheduling programs allows us to leverage the full power of the software to create the highest-quality schedule possible.

Project Controls

Let us keep an eye on your project, and help you come in on time and on budget. Our certified cost engineers can track your project data and forecast budget overruns before they happen, helping you to be proactive in directing your project.

Change Management

Project changes and resultant cost overruns can become overwhelming. Our contract and claims experts can help you analyze your change orders to ensure that each one is justified and fair. Don’t wait for your change orders to turn into expensive disputes. Let us do the analysis work up front during construction when the data is still fresh


Construction documentation is CRITICAL. From daily diaries to jobsite photos, we’ll help you ensure that your project personnel provide ample record of construction progress so that you’ll be protected should any dispute arise.

Contract Management

Construction contracts are long and complicated, and keeping track of all the little provisions can be a very daunting task. Let us reduce your litigation risk by managing these details for you. We will explain the complex legal language and put reporting policies in place that will ensure that the contracts are actually followed.

Progress Monitoring

McCullough & Associates’ team of experienced CPM Schedulers can analyze schedule revisions as they are updated with as-built data, identify inefficiencies and time impact events, and determine the exact cause of these delays.

We can provide another pair of eyes on your project to ensure that your schedules are being updated according to best practices and that no details are ignored. As your schedules get updated with as-built data, we will provide you with regular, easy to understand reports on project progress and significant schedule changes so that you can be assured your project is running as smoothly as possible.

Additionally, we will advise as to the best ways to minimize impact should unforeseen circumstances occur, and we will verify that all schedule modifications are honest and realistic.

We will create a detailed report of our findings and offer practical solutions to remedy these delays. Additionally, we can provide time-impact analysis for making a time-extension request. Because we are an objective third party, the conclusions of our analysis can later be used in the legal process should a dispute arise.

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