McCullough & Associates specializes in construction claims and dispute resolution. With our 30+ years of experience, we know how to prepare, evaluate, and analyze claims to ensure they are well-supported, appropriate and legally defensible. Our well-rounded staff is qualified to evaluate claims from all possible angles, verifying and analyzing cost, schedule and contract impact from supporting documentation. Starting with a well-supported claim can save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees in the dispute resolution process.

Additionally, we can show you best practices that can help you avoid claims by minimizing construction delays and properly estimating and documenting projects.

Claims Preparation

McCullough & Associates employs best-practices in claim preparation to ensure that your claim is well-documented, supported and justified so that your dispute will be resolved quickly and fairly with minimum legal expense.

Our well-rounded staff has extensive experience in multiple fields, from scheduling to cost engineering, contract management to construction litigation. When we help prepare your claim, we will ensure your claim is defensible on all fronts using methodologies that are accepted in the courtroom.

Claims Analysis

Let us assist in your negotiation or dispute by providing our fresh, objective analysis of the claims levied against you. We will take into account all jobsite information from diaries, schedules, contracts and cost reports and then generate an expert opinion detailing the exact cause of cost overruns and who is contractually responsible.

We can provide the following analytical services:

  • Entitlement Analysis
  • Schedule Analysis
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Cost Analysis

Expert Testimony & Litigation Support

 McCullough & Associates has provided expert testimony in over 120 construction litigation cases. We know what lawyers will look for in claims, and how they’ll be attacked. Our experts can assist in:

  • Attorney preparation for opposing expert depositions.
  • Evaluating opposing expert testimony and claims for compliance with industry standards.
  • Giving our expert opinion on your own claims to make sure your case has the fairest representation possible.

We are experienced in giving depositions and answering interrogatory questions. Our experts are not going to be tricked into misrepresenting the facts.

Claims Avoidance & Training

Many construction disputes are a result of bad documentation and/or poor organization. Ideally, a claim should be so well documented that the contractual entitlement and the parties at fault should be clear and indisputable.

Unfortunately, in our many years of claims experience, many of the claims that come across our desk are not well documented, causing hours of costly forensic research.

Let us teach you documentation, organization and scheduling best practices that will allow you to avoid these costly inefficiencies and make your claims clear, concise, and solid the first time.


  • Construction Delays and Impact
  • Implementing Time Impact Analysis
  • Project Documentation
  • Construction Cost Control
  • Contract Management


Our workshops are designed for the interactive, small-group, lunch-table environment. We get to know the processes of your organization, and then give you specific advice on how you can improve your processes in a particular area.

  • Dispute Resolution
  • Schedule-Delay and Disruption Analysis
  • Claims Avoidance
  • Contracts and Claims Analysis


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